Spycyroll - Python RSS Aggregator


Other live sites

If you would like to join, e-mail vsbabu AT vsbabu DOT org. indicating your Sourceforge.net Unix name.

A local demo is available. This demo might be broken at times...


  1. How on earth to pronounce this?
    Sp-icy-roll! I'm speaking for Bryan here, but I'm pretty sure that the intent is to have a hot news roll :-) Well, since it is in Python, we really shouldn't be using i, right? Hence Spycyroll!

Installation Instructions

pyblagg: quick aggregator for Linux/Unix machines.

You need to have Python 2.2 (earlier might work, but not tested)

1. Extract all files to a folder - name it whatever you feel like.

2. Edit `config.ini` to suit your settings in the DEFAULT section.
  Especially, the data directory and output file. Data directory is
  where pyblagg saves data to. Output file is an HTML file that is
  prepared. You might want that file to be under a web server.

  Please make sure data directory and directory for output file exist.
  If not, create these.

3. In `config.ini`, add feed information. Put the URL to RSS file within
  square brackets. Put an attribute called name = blah_blah to indicate
  what you would like to call the feed. Samples are given in the file.

4. Run it by: `python pyblagg.py config.ini`


1. Edit 'page.tmpl' and 'entry.tmpl' as desired. All entries are run 
  through 'entry.tmpl' and then put together in the end with 'page.tmpl'.
  Both files are provided to demonstrate the functionality.